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Icelandic MMA club Mjölnir proud to "fight like a girl"

By Staff

Icelandic MMA club Mjölnir held its annual ball for its staff and members on the 19th of March. It has become a custom at these events that the club premieres videos featuring staff and club members. This year, Mjölnir produced two videos; one spoof video where the staff can be seen mimicking a Justin Bieber music video, and another of its female members titled “Fight like a girl”.

The video has been posted on Youtube, where Mjölnir explains that the video was created to “challenge the derogatory phrases often used about women” and the false myth that “women are not as tough and tenacious as men”. And boy, do these girls know how to fight and train hard.


The club has close to 2,000 members, making it one of Iceland’s largest gyms. Mjölnir MMA offers a wide range of classes, including Víkingaþrek (Viking conditioning), yoga, movement classes, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and BJJ and has produced a number of internationally acclaimed fighters, most notably Gunnar Nelson.

The club is currently located in Reykjavík‘s west end (close to Grandi harbour area), but will soon move its facilities to much larger premises on Öskuhlíð hill (next to the Pearl).

Actor Ryan Gosling trained at the club in 2013 while editing his directorial debut with Icelandic editors Valdís Óskarsdóttir and Sigurður Eyþórsson and expressed an interest in opening an outlet in Los Angeles.

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