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An Icelandic hamburger invasion in Italy: Icelandic hamburger chain Búllan comes to Rome

By Staff

  • Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar The Reykjavík flagship restaurant of the Icelandic burger chain, located by the old harbour. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Icelandic restaurateur Tómas Tómasson plans to open a new Tommi’s Burger Joint restaurant in Rome this May, the local news site reports. The Rome restaurant is only the latest international franchise of Tommi’s hamburger chain.

The restaurant will be located centrally, Tommi tells, in the old city, less than a kilometre from the Vatican City. The flagship restaurant of Tommi is located in Reykjavík by the old harbour, Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar (Tommi’s Burger Joint) but in addition to the Reykjavík restaurants Tommi already operates six hamburger restaurants outside of Iceland. Two restaurants in London as well as restaurants in Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo and Malmö. In April a restaurant will be opened in Aarhus, Denmark and a second one in Copenhagen.

Iceland's answer to McDonaldization
The legendary Tommaborgarar has often been dubbed as “Iceland’s answer to McDonalds”: It was the first fast food chain in Iceland. The first Tommaborgarar joint was opened by Tómas in 1981, and the success of Tommaborgarar is often credited with having kept American burger chains at bay. McDonalds tried, but failed, to convince Icelanders to switch to the standardized American version of the hamburger.

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