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Icelandic dairy product skyr helps Danes cope with guilt caused by holiday feasting

By Staff

  • Balancing out all that sugar and fat? Skyr consumption in Denmark surges after the holidays as consumers switch to healthier fare. Photo/MS dairy.

Come January and Danish consumers switch from traditional Danish holiday foods, rich in fat and sugar, to a healthier diet. Top of the list? The Icelandic dairy product skyr.

The Danish National Broadcasting Service reports that data from Danish supermarkets reveal strikingly different consumption habits in December and January as cookies and cream make way for vegetables and healthier snacks.

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Instead of a December diet rich in salt, fat and sugar the January diet in Denmark is characterized by vegetables and healthier fare. The consumption of skyr goes up 73% in January, compared to December. Other healthy foods which spike in popularity are broccoli and spinach. Danes eat 58% more broccoli in January than in December and 54% more spinach.

Cookie consumption collapses in January, dropping a whopping 92%. Cream consumption is nearly halved, shrinking 40%, and remoulade, which is primarily consumed as a hot-dog topping in Iceland but used as a universal condiment to everything in Denmark, shrinks by 25%. Bacon consumption also shrinks, by 16%, and potato chips by 32%.

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