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Icelanders view foreign workers and migrant labourers more positively than most other nations

By Staff

  • Less negative than most developed nations Icelanders are unique among developed nations when it comes to attitudes to foreign workers. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

A new poll shows that Icelanders are more positive toward foreign workers than other developed nations, the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports. The Gallup poll revealed that 60% of Icelanders believe it is good for Iceland to import workers, a significantly higher percentage than in most developed nations.

In 42 of the 69 countries polled the majority of people view foreign workers negatively. Most developed nations view foreign workers negatively, while poor and developing nations see them positively. The positive attitude of Icelanders toward foreign workers is therefore very untypical of developed countries.

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Rapid economic growth in recent years and the tourism boom have led to a significant shortage of labour in the tourism and construction industries in Iceland, requiring the hiring of thousands of workers from abroad.


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