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Icelanders are the second happiest nation of Europe

By Staff

  • Happy people Happiness is back to similar level as before the economy crash in the autumn of 2008. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Icelanders are the second happiest nation in Europe according to the Europe­an Social Sur­vey 2012-2013, with Danes topping the list. 

According to Dóra Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir, divisional manager at the Directorate of Health, the happiness index is back over 8 (on the scale 1-10) in Iceland, after dipping below that number in the years after the economy crash which took place in the autumn of 2008.

Iceland reapeatedly scores high on lists over the happiest people on earth. Big factors are high GDP, excellent life expectancy for both men and women and of course a good amount of self-confidence.

The European Social Survey is an academically driven cross-national survey that has been conducted across Europe every two years since 2001. The survey measures the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour patterns of diverse populations in more than thirty nations.

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