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“Iceland” is the third most searched term on Pintrest in the US in 2015

By Staff

  • All things Iceland Searching Pintrest for “Iceland” turns up countless breathtaking photographs and “What to do in Iceland”-lists. Photo/Screenshot Pintrest.

Pintrest just released data for its most popular trends in 2015, by country, giving its users “a glimpse at what searches are trending”, thus helping us all know what we should be searching for and reading about if we want to stay trendy and up to date!


Iceland and men's fashion on Pintrest

Iceland and men's fashion on Pintrest Combining two of the top searches What you get when you search for "Iceland" and "Men's fashion", two of the ten most popular Pintrest searches in the US: Traditional Icelandic woolen sweaters and manly beards. Photo/Screenshot - Pintrest.

And it seems Iceland is definitely on the list. At least in the US: Iceland makes spot three on the list of top 10 searches by US Pintrest users. “Harry Potter” and “Lob hair” are the top two searches, followed by “Iceland”.

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Iceland beat such classic concerns as “Men’s fashion” and “Bathroom storage” in popularity. Understandably. Who needs a thoroughly organized bathroom when there is a trip to Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon to be planned? With regards to men’s fashion in Iceland the simple answer is: Searching for Iceland and men’s fashion, you get beards and warm a warm sweaters. A cosy look for the holidays, for sure!

The full list of the top ten searches on Pintrest in the US:

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Lob hair
  3. Iceland
  4. Men's fashion
  5. Pallet projects
  6. Bathroom storage
  7. Small tattoos
  8. Scandinavian interiors
  9. Vegan recipes
  10. Alice in wonderland

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