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Iceland holds the world record in Internet use: 98% of Icelanders are online

By Staff

  • Everyone is online What else is there to do during the dark hours of winter, when the wind is howling outside? Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

According to a study conducted by a British research firm We Are Social no country with more than 50,000 inhabitants has as many internet users, per capita. According to the study Iceland has 324,518 active internet users, resulting in an internet penetration of 98%. This means that almost everyone in Iceland is online. 

The Icelandic 98% internet use is significantly higher than the W. European average of 83%, but rather similar to the Internet penetration of other Nordic countries. 96% of Norwegians and Danes are online, 95% of the Faroese and 94% of Swedes. 

Internet penetration
Iceland vs North Korea Highest and lowest internet penetration in the world Photo/We Are Social.


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