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Hot dog stand and Reykjavík landmark moved to make way for hotel

By Staff

Bæjarins beztu by the old harbour, the most famous hot dog stand in Reykjavík and one of Europe‘s five best street food vendors, according to British newspaper The Guardian, has been forced to move to make way for yet another hotel in downtown Reykjavík.

Fans of the hot-dogs need not despair, though, as the hot dog stand was only moved a few feet as construction on a hotel next to the square/parking-lot where the hot dog stand is located is getting underway. When the hotel is fully constructed the square will be improved creating more hospitable surroundings for the hot-dog stand as well as finding a permanent location for the stand. 

Bæjarins bestu, bæjarins beztu, Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton One of the many satisfied customers of Bæjarins beztu. Photo/GVA

Guðrún Kristmundsdóttir, the manager of the Bæjarins beztu, which operates six hot-dog stands, in addition to the one by the old harbour told local news site that moving the hot-dog stand away from its current location is absolutely out of the question. City authorities are well aware of the importance of the hot-dog stand as a local landmark and its popularity, both among locals and foreign visitors.

The hot dog stand will celebrate it‘s 80 year anniversary in two years. Guðrún tells that she hopes the new square with a permanent location for the hot-dog stand will be ready by the anniversary.

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