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Here's what to order at some of Reykjavík’s fine dining restaurants

By Sara McMahon

  • Indecisive? Don't worry With oodles of options comes the excruciating task of choosing between them. Let us help. Photo/Matur og drykkur

The Icelandic culinary scene has progressed considerably over the past decade. The capital now boasts a large number of exciting restaurants that offer a very high standard of cooking. But, with oodles of options comes the excruciating task of choosing between them. So, let us make things easy for you: Here’s what you should order at some of Reykjavík’s most popular fine dining restaurants.

Fiskmarkaðurinn (Aðalstræti 12)

Jólahlaðborð, veitingastaður, Fiskmarkaðurinn

The Fishmarket's cod is a wildly popular dish. 

The restaurant’s signature dish is the lightly salted cod, beautifully seasoned with lime peel and served with potato puré, dried cranberries, and sweet celery salad.
The dish was once removed of the restaurant’s menu, but made a quick return after countless comments from upset guests.

Grillmarkaðurinn (Lækjargata 2a)


The Grillmarket is located at Lækjargata, downtown Reykjavík

The most popular dish at the Grillmarket is called ‘the Fish Gourmet’. The dish is a wonderful combination of salmon, monkfish, and salted cod - three tasty dishes on one platter. What more could one ask for?

Snaps (Þórsgata 1)

Snaps, kræklingur

Snaps is a cosy bistro located in Hotel Óðinsvé.

Snaps is known for its relaxing, easy going atmosphere, whether it be for brunch, lunch or dinner. According to the bistro’s head chef, the most popular dishes on the evening menu are undeniably the moules-frites and the baccalá.

Matur & drykkur (Grandagarður 2)

Matur og drykkur, þorskhaus

Matur og drykkur serves tasty food inspired by traditional, Icelandic dished. 

Matur & drykkur serves traditional, Icelandic dishes, but with a twist. The eatery’s signature dish is the cod’s head cooked in chicken stock with dulse and served with tasty potato salad. It’s definitely something you need to try.

Slippbarinn (Mýrargata)

Fiskur, slippbarinn

Fish in a pan is Slippbarinn's most popular course. 

Slippbarinn is situated in the Hotel Marina and overlooks the harbour. The bistro’s most popular dish is the ‘Fish in a Pan’. The dish is the restaurant’s ‘catch of the day’ and therefore changes daily – but always stays tasty.

Alto Bistro (The Nordic House)



Aalto Bistro's menu includes delicious seafood dishes. 

Aalto Bistro’s food is described as New-Scandinavian cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. The dining spot’s biggest crowd-pleaser is without a doubt the fish of the day – cooked to perfection each time. Another popular dish is the broccoli quiche with goat’s cheese and walnuts.

Sjávargrillið (Skólavörðustígur 14)


Sjávargrillið is located at Skólavörðustígur street. 

The restaurant’s salted cod and pork cheeks with mustard, bacon and carrots has proven to be a hit among hungry diners.  So has the smoked lamb filet and lamb shank with béchamel sauce, onion, white cabbage and blueberries. The choice is yours.

KOL (Skólavörðustígur 40)


Most guests at KOL order the 3 course set menu. 

The most popular fare at KOL is the 3 course set menu that includes wild mushroom risotto for starters, a choice between charred salmon or beef for a main course, followed by a delicious white chocolate cheese cake.


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