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Four F-15C Eagle jets from the US Air Force patrol Icelandic airspace in April

By Staff

  • On the go Four F-15C Eagle jets patrol Icelandic airspace this April. The fighter aircrafts could be seen and heard over Reykjanes peninsula yesterday. Photo/Channel 2 News

The US Air Force could be seen practicing over Iceland yesterday, Tuesday. According to Channel 2 News, around 150 members of the US Air Force will be patrolling Iceland’s airspace in April.

US Air Force, herinn, herþotur, NATO

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Beckel during a Channel 2 interview. 

As Iceland does not have an army or an air force NATO allies periodically deploy fighter aircrafts to Keflavík Air Base to provide air policing. Four F-15C fighter aircrafts will patrol the airspace over Iceland.

“We’re in charge of intercepting any threat to this region. The past few days we’ve been becoming operational in that mission. The NATO was here evaluating our capabilities, our response time, we were practising the communication chain from the order of scrambling or getting the aircraft airborne as soon as we could,” US Air Force Lt. Col. Jeffrey Beckel, detachment commander for the 131st Fighter Squadron explained. 

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