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The first Yule Lad, Sheep-Cote Clod, arrives tonight!

By Sara McMahon

  • The first Yule Lad Sheep-Cote Clod is the first Yule lad to arrive to town. Photo/Daniel Rúnarsson

Every night from December 11 until Christmas Eve, one Yule Lad will come to town and leave little gifts for well-behaved children who have placed a shoe on the window sill.  Naughty ones will, however, wake up to find a potato in theirs.The thirteen brothers all have very descriptive names reflecting either their nature or the prank they play.

Stekkjastaur, named Sheep-Cote Clod in English, is the first Yule Lad to head into town. Stekkjastaur was known to try and drink milk straight from the ewe’s teat, but was impaired by his stiff legs. 

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