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Fashionable apartment for sale in Reykjavík's trendy Vesturbær neighbourhood

By Staff

  • Ásvallagata in Reykjavík This gorgeous apartment in Reykjavík's Vesturbær neighbourhood is now on the market. Photo/Miðbær

This fashionable apartment in Reykjvaík‘s Vesturbær neighbourhood is on the market for 58.5 million ISK (396,772 Euros/ 449,896 USD).

The house was built in 1927 and is excellently located; a short walk from the city centre and Grandi harbour area which has evolved into a fantastic conglomeration of restaurants, shops, and museums.

The two-storey apartment has three bedrooms, two spacious living rooms, a large open plan living area on the upper floor, one bathroom that still has its original fittings, and a large garage.  

The apartment is in total 162 square metres (1744 square feet) in size: the apartment itself is 127 square metres (1367 square feet) while the garage is 35 square metres (377 square feet).

More information and photos available here

Fasteign, íbúð, Ásvallagata

The apartment has two living rooms. 

Fasteign, íbúð, Ásvallagata

The kitchen is spacious and has been newly refurbished. 

Fasteign, íbúð, Ásvallagata

The upper floor consists of a large open plan living area. 

Fasteign, íbúð, Ásvallagata

One of the two living rooms. 


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