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Farm in Dýrafjörður, Westfjords, could be without electricity for days after Monday's storm

By Staff

  • No power A number of farms and towns without electricity after Monday's storm. It is unknown how long repairs will take.

Monday’s severe storm destroyed more than a hundred power poles in the Westfjords, leaving a number of farms and towns without electricity.

According to the National Broadcasting Service, crews are working hard to fix the broken poles, but it is unknown how long repairs will take. Sæmundur Þorvaldsson, a farmer in Dýrafjörður fjord, fears it could be days before power is restored. However, he says he and his wife have grown accustom to power outages in the area, as they were quite frequent during the countless storms that battered the country last winter.

“We have everything we need here: a furnace, plenty of candles and flashlights,” he told the National Broadcasting Service.
Farms in Önundarfjörður, Arnarfjörður, Tálknafjörður and Ísafjarðardjúp were still without electricity yesterday evening. 

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