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Facebook data shows Icelanders are among the world’s most devoted David Bowie fans

By Staff

  • The admiration was mutual When Bowie visited Iceland in 1996 to play at a concert in Reykjavík he was thoroughly impressed with the country, it's people and landscapes. Turns out Icelanders are no less fans of Bowie. Photo/Screenshot from MTV video.

Judging by Icelander’s reaction to David Bowie’s death on Facebook, they are among the world’s most devoted Bowie fans. Only people in the UK and Australia posted, liked and shared more stories and status updates about the British pop star in the 12 hours after news of his death.

After the death of the British pop star David Bowie was announced early Monday morning people all over the world remembered the work and music of Bowie. According to Hollywood reporter data from Facebook shows that 35 million people had 100 million interactions about Bowie within the first 12 hours of the news of his death.

The list of the 10 countries where Facebook users where most engaged with stories relating to David Bowie following his death:

1. United Kingdom
2. Australia
3. Iceland
4. Ireland
5. New Zealand
6. Italy
7. Greece
8. Croatia
9. Sweden
10. Belgium

According to Hollywood Reporter one of the most shared status updates on Bowie’s death came from Eddie Izzard, who called upon the world’s radio stations to only play Bowie, out of respect to the legacy of the pop star. As the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports, the Icelandic radio station Rás 2, which is operated by RÚV did just that, playing only David Bowie on January 11.



Please could every radio station around the globe just play David Bowie music today - I think the world owes him that.

Posted by Eddie Izzard on Sunday, January 10, 2016



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