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The ever present forces of nature

By Staff

Árni Óli Ólafsson lives in Vestmannaeyja town, located on Heimaey island, South Iceland. The island is the only inhabited island of the Westman Island archipelago.


Name and occupation: Árni Óli Ólafsson, recording engineer and owner of @Island Studios.

Spouse: Elva Björk Bjarnadóttir

Children and/or other family members?
“I have two children, Elíana Ísis and Bjarni Óli.”
How long have you lived in Vestmannaeyjar town:
“I grew up here and have lived here most of my life.”


Árni Óli

What‘s the best thing about your town?
“Nature. The pace of life here is very slow, and you know most of the people. The best thing about Vestmannaeyjar is that you are able to do all the things you love to do.”

Favourite restaurant:
“Slippurinn, which is a family-run restaurant down by the harbour. It is only open during high season.”

Favourite place for brunch or breakfast:
“I love to have a coffee at the Eymundsson bookstore, but I usually have my breakfast at home.”

Best café:
“The café Te og kaffi is found in Eymundsson’s bookstore, and their coffee is pretty good. Best coffee in Iceland.”

Your favourite spot:
“My favourite spot! Breiðabakki during the summer. It’s just beautiful. I recommend you spend some hours there and watch the sunset.”

Mention two interesting things to see or do while in town:
“Well, there’s a place called Kaplagjóta, which is located right next to hole number 8 on the golf course. There you can get deeply in touch with the forces of nature.
“Stafsnes beach is also a lovely place. It’s nice to take a safari boat there, but you can also walk by crossing Dalfjall mountain.”

What’s the town’s most famous landmark?
“Eldfjall mountain, which formed during the 1973 eruption.”

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