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Entry fees to be introduced at Nauthólsvík, the Reykajavík Geothermal beach

By Staff

  • Nauthólsvík The Reykjavík geothermal beach is a popular destination for locals on warm summer days. Photo/Stefán Karlsson.

Reykjavík City will soon charge beachgoers at the geothermal beach Nauthólsvík for the use of the beach and the facilities all year round. Until now the beach and all facilities have been free of charge during the summer, while beachgoers have been charged a entry fee during the winter months. The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that the City has begun preparation for the introduction of entry fees, which would likely be levied next summer.

Nauthólsvík is a popular destination for locals year round, although it is understandably more crowded during warm summer days than during the winter. It is also the base for a growing number of dedicated ocean swimmers who refuse to let the cold of winter stop them from swimming in the freezing sea.

An ideal location to take a swim in the North Atlantic
The beach is by a lagoon which is sheltered, yet open to the ocean. The water in the lagoon is artificially heated with geothermal water. In ideal circumstances the seawater in the lagoon reaches 15-19°C (59-66°F). This makes the water in the lagoon ideal for swimming, allowing those of us who feel  that the open ocean is too intimidating a chance to actually swim in the North Atlantic!

In addition to warm water and a sand beach visitors can lounge in the hot tubs, which are 30-39°C (86-102°F) hot or the steam bath, as well as enjoying an ice-cream bought at the refreshment stand.

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