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Eat your fill of charred sheep's heads, “svið” at a sheep heads festival in the Westfjords

By Staff

Now that summer is over and winter is upon us the time is right to spice things up with some traditional Icelandic peasant food. First on the menu: the Icelandic delicacy svið, which is the Icelandic name of charred and boiled sheep’s heads.

While squeamishness or an unwillingness to eat food that stares back at you might discourage some people from tasting the Icelandic delicacy svið, others recognize food need not look pretty to taste good. Svið are a perfect example of this.

Next Saturday, October 31, the Kiwanis club Básar will be hosting a charred sheep’s heads feast in the town of Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. The local news site Bæjarins Beztu reports that the menu will include not only traditional svið and smoked svið but also strictly local Westfjords delicacies, like slegin svið, which can best be described as borderline rotten sheep’s heads.

In addition guests can taste traditional sheep’s head cheese. And, as everyone knows, sheep’s heads are enjoyed with mashed potatoes and mashed rutabaga as side dishes.

The feast is held in Sigurðarbúð, located by the street Skeiði in the town of Ísafjörður in the Westfjords. Tickets are sold at the door, and in addition to locals, all adventurers and lovers of traditional Icelandic svið are welcome!

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