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Documentary team searching for British Families who have “Gone back to nature” in Iceland

By Staff

  • Looing for British expats A Channel 4 TV team is searching for Brits who have left the pressures of urban life to live off grid in Iceland. Photo/Channel 4

A team working on a Chanel 4 documentary about British families and couples who have escaped the rat-race and pressures of urban life are looking for potential participants in Iceland. The series, ‘Escape to the Wild’ is set to feature families who have gone “off the grid” to live closer to nature. Rural Iceland’s epic natural beauty makes it the perfect place to escape from the pressures of urban and live a more peaceful life in the wild.

Looking for Brits living “off-grid”
“The programmes tell the inspirational stories of people who’ve quit the rat race in the UK and moved overseas for a more sustainable way of life,” says Executive Producer Patrick Furlong, who heads up the London-based team. “These families have traded the daily grind for simple self-sufficiency. They’re living off-the-grid and are finding happiness in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.”

British expats living off grid
A couple of refugees from urban life The last season of Escape to the Wild featured people living in places like Tonga and Sweden. Now Channel 4 hopes to find Brits who have escaped the British Isles to find a better life in Iceland. Photo/Channel 4.

The makers of the series Channel 4 series (which airs in the UK, as well as in continental Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) are keen to find stories in Iceland. The ‘Escape to the Wild’ team told Iceland Magazine, “We’re looking for pioneering Brits who’ve made the move to  Iceland and understand the hard work, exhilaration, and satisfaction involved in making a home in a remote place.”

First Tonga, now hopefully Iceland
The first series of ‘Escape to the Wild’ featured adventurous expats now living closer to nature in Tonga, Chile, Belize, and Sweden. Future programmes will similarly explore the challenges, motivations, and joys of relocating overseas to find one’s own piece of paradise.

Cheryl Jackson, a producer working on the series, said, “The British couples and families we are looking for may have built their own rustic home, are off-grid,  grow their own food, raise livestock and perhaps even home-school the kids. Not a shopping mall or a motorway in sight!”

Do you know of interesting candidates?
If you’ve escaped to the wild in Iceland or beyond, the production team would love to hear your story. They can be contacted by e-mail for more information about taking part at


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