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Did Justin Bieber's videoshoot in Iceland follow in the footsteps of a mysterious French rap duo?

By Staff

  • Green moss, black sands and mysterious French rappers A recent video by reclusive French rap duo PNL served as inspiration for Justin Bieber's latest video, claims a French magazine. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

Justin Bieber’s recently released music video to his latest single “I’ll Show You”, which was shot in Iceland has gained considerable attention. Now the French magazine SURL points out that there are uncanny similarities between the Canadian superstar’s video and a music video shot by a mysterious French rap duo PNL, which stands for “Peace and Lovés”.

The French magazine SURL points out that it is not uncommon for American artists to seek inspiration in French culture and pop music, arguing Justin Bieber’s video seems to follow in the footsteps of PNL. Even Bieber’s choice of clothing, SURL claims, seems inspired by the French rappers.

We at Iceland Magazine, however, question these claims. Both music videos visit the most popular destinations in South Iceland, which are  photographed and filmed by dozens of thousands of travellers each year, and have also served as a backdrop in various advertisements and feature films.

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PNL has taken the French music scene by storm. The band has refused to sign up to major labels but has instead sold its music through iTunes, where its latest album went straight to no. 1. Very little is known about the rap duo, other than that it is made up of two brothers, NOS and Ademo. The brothers, which are described as "reclusive" by the English newspaper The Guardian, have refused to give interviews to the media, causing considerable speculation about their true background.

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