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Deserted fjords and hidden waterfalls

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  • The colourful harbour area in Siglufjörður. Local Arna Björk suggests Café Rauðka for families visiting the town. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Arna Björk Baldursdóttir was raised in the quaint, little town of Siglufjörður in North Iceland but now resides in Akureyri with her three sons. Her favourite spot in Siglufjörður is Café Rauðka where one can enjoy the sights and sounds of the harbour as the local fishermen go around their daily tasks.


How long have you lived in Siglufjörður?
“I lived in Siglufjörður until I was nineteen years old. I now live in Akureyri which is only a short drive away, so I visit the old stomping grounds quite regularly.”

What’s the best thing about the Siglufjörður: 
“The best thing about the town is the stillness that surrounds it. The people are friendly, you have nature at your doorstep and it is surrounded by beautiful mountains; The combination fills you with a warm sense of tranquillity and wellness.”

Where’s the best place to go for a little relaxation: 
“I enjoy sitting outside Café Rauðka and watch the small fishing boats busy around the harbour – I find it very calming. A small forest, the product of a reforestation programme, is found near Siglufjörður. Tucked away in between the trees you’ll find the majestic Leyningsfoss waterfall which is a wonderful spot to visit.”

Name three interesting things one should not miss when in the region:
1) “Visit the Herring Era Museum. It celebrates the “glory days” of Iceland‘s herring industry which began during the 1930‘s and lasted well into the 50‘s. Another interesting museum to visit is the Bjarni Þorsteinsson Folk Music Centre.”
2) “Drop by at Café Rauðka by the harbour.”
3) “Drive to Héðinsfjörður, a fjord that once was inhabited but has been deserted since the ‘50’s. I find the area breathtakingly beautiful.”

What should those travelling with children see/do in the area:
“I recommend you take your children fishing down by the Siglufjörður harbour. The outdoor playground next to Café Rauðka is also great for children; It’s equipped with a beach-volleyball ground, mini golf and a giant chess set. I also recommend a visit to the swimming pool in the neighbouring town of Ólafsfjörður.”

Best restaurant in Siglufjörður:
“My favourite restaurant is Hannes Boy by the harbour. Torgið also offers tasty pizzas and Allinn serves good, traditional food.”

Best place for a nice picnic:
“Definitely the forest – or hike upp Hvanneyrarskálin and enjoy the nature and the panoramic views over Siglufjörður.”


Siglufjörður. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson


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