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Dennis Quaid: Icelanders polite people and respectful of privacy

By Staff

  • Dennis Quaid Fortitude was partially filmed in Reyðarfjörður, East Iceland. Cast and crew have returned to film the series' second season. 

The cast and crew of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude are hard at work in the small fishing village of Reyðarfjörður, East Iceland. The National Broadcasting Service interviewed two of the show’s stars, Danish actress Sofie Gråbøl and actor Dennis Quaid.

Sofie will resume the part of Fortitude’s governor Hildur Odegard. The actress says she has begun to feel quite at home in East Iceland. “I like Iceland. One could say I feel strongly connected to the country because this is the fourth time I visit. There’s a certain spirit that persists here and it really hits you the first time you visit. But now I’ve begun to feel at home here,” she told RÚV.

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Dennis plays fisherman Michael Lennox, who has hit a rough patch in his life. The actor says his favourite part of creating a character is the research that goes with it. “Like going out on the boat, like we did the other day, and really getting to know the fishermen.”

This is his first time visiting the country. Icelanders, he says, are polite people and respectful of the actors’ privacy. “They are not intrusive. Sometimes I don’t get that in my own neighbourhood,” he says giving a laugh. 

Watch the interview here

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