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Couple opens first Icelandic ice cream parlour in London today

By Staff

  • Icelandic cuisine The couple have been busy in the past few days preparing for the grand opening today. The last step is to prepare the chocolate dips. Photo/Bears Ice Cream Company-Facebook

Today the first traditional Icelandic ice cream parlour opens its doors in London. The parlour, which is called Bears Ice Cream Company, is founded and operated by an Icelandic woman living in London, Vera Þórðardóttir and her husband Philip Harrison. The couple told the local news site that they felt the ice cream scene in London was woefully incomplete without an Icelandic option.

Bears Ice Cream Company, Lakkrískurl og Nóakropp

Icelandic Ingredients Liquorice bits and Nóakropp, which is best described as a milk-chocolate covered coco puffs balls. A perfect condiment to go with your soft-serve ice cream Photo/Bears Ice Cream Company - Facebook

Vera explained that there are a number of ice-cream parlours in the Hammersmith neighbourhood where the Bears Ice Cream Company is located. However, there should be room for more: “Most of these are geleterias and sundae shops, which is the Italian and American concepts, but we are introducing the Icelandic concept and offer cold, thick soft serve ice cream, like we have gotten used to in Icelandic ice cream shops”

Key to the Icelandic soft serve ice cream is not only the particular consistency, but also the broad selection of dips and candy trimmings which you select from. Vera initially explored importing ice cream from Iceland, but this was presented various complications when it came to transportation and storage, so instead they buy their ice cream rom a small farm on the island of Jersey. The consistency and taste of the ice cream is so close to Icelandic standards, Vera explains, that it is virtually impossible to taste the difference.

But while the ice cream is made in England, ingredients for the dips and candy trimmings are imported from Iceland, including that salty liquorice Icelanders love and add to anything. So, if you are anywhere near 244 Goldhawk Road in London today, head over to Bears Ice Cream Company and get a small taste of Iceland!

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