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Couple bought guesthouse in Borgarnes after spending the night there

By Staff

  • Beautiful location Bertha Kvaran and her husband Jay Burton run Borgarnes B&B in the stunning village of Borgarnes, West Iceland. Photo/Borgarnes BB

Fate is a funny thing, as Bertha Kvaran and her husband Jay Burton found out. The couple dreamt of opening a small guesthouse in the picturesque village of Stykkishólmur in Snæfellses peninsula and were on their way to view potential property to purchase when fate stepped in.

“The owners of the property told us they couldn’t meet up with us until late in the day so we decided to overnight in Borgarnes,” Bertha told local newsagent Skessuhorn.

Borgarnes is a charming village located in West Iceland, famous for being the birthplace of notorious poet and Viking Egill Skallagrímsson.

“Upon arrival I had a little chat with our host, Inger Helgadóttir, and I told her about our plans to buy a guesthouse. She asked: Why don’t you just buy this place? My husband and I slept on it that night and the next morning, over breakfast, we discussed the matter further and eventually decided to buy the place,” Bertha explained.

The couple now resides in Borgarnes and runs Borgarnes B&B.

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