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British YouTube star disgusted by Icelandic candy: “Stop putting this black sh*t in your candy!”

By Staff

  • "I feel sorry for you guys!" Brithsh YouTube star Deji Olatunji was thoroughly disgusted with Icelandic candy. Photo/Screenshots from video, see below.

Last week the british youtube star, Deji Olatunji, who runs the YouTube channel ComedyShortsGamer, posted a video of himself tasting Icelandic candy. Some Icelander had sent Deji a box of selected chocolates and a bags of potato chips for him to sample. To make a long story short, Deji, who has more than six million subscribers, was less than impressed with Icelandic sweets.

In an expletive filled and high-pitched review of Icelandic candy Deji declared it was “the worst candy [he had] ever tasted”. He was particularly annoyed with the “black stuff” and “black sh*t” he kept finding inside the candy, asking whether this was “the main candy ingredient” in Iceland.

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Icelanders, as everyone who has browsed the candy isle at an Icelandic store knows, are very fond of liquorice.  And even if the British comedian did not find Icelandic liquorice or the liquorice and chocolate combos popular in Iceland to his liking, many foreign visitors have discovered that sweet liquorice and milk-chocolate are a perfect combination.

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