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British consumers to get more Icelandic Skyr

By Staff

  • Skyr Icelandic Skyr has recently become quite popular in both the US and Europe. Photo/Mjólkursamsalan.

Last week Iceland and the European Union signed an agreement to abolish duties on several key agricultural imports. The agreement included an increase by both the EU and Iceland on their annual tax-free quota on imports of various types of meat and dairy products. Among the dairy products included in the agreement is Icelandic skyr.

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Trade deal will only benefit Skyr enthusiasts in Britain
According to the agreement Iceland will be able to export 4,000 tons (8,000,000 pounds) of duty-free skyr to the European Union. Previously the quota had been set at only 380 tons (760,000 pounds). However, this will not mean increased access to Icelandic skyr for all Europeans. Only consumers in Britain are likely to benefit from the deal.

Jón Axel Pétursson, the chief of marketing at Mjólkursamsalan, the largest dairy producer in Iceland and the leading manufacturer of Icelandic skyr, told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the quota will be used to increase exports to Britain. Mjólkursamsalan is currently working on marketing skyr in Britain.

Skyr enthusiasts who won't benefit from the increse in the quota for tax-free imports of skyr to Europe need not despair, because you can actually make your own skyr at home. 

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