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Breathtaking video of ice climbing on Vatnajökull glacier gives you a view of the glacier like no other

By Staff

  • A road less taken One of the team of mountaineers, ice climbers and filmmakers who created the short film Climbing Ice about Ice climbing the Vatnajökull glacier. Photo/Tim Kemple.

Vatnajökull is not only the largest glacier in Iceland or Europe, it is also a frozen wonderland of breathtaking beauty very few people have actually visited. Most of the glacier is completely inaccessibe to anyone but the most experienced climbers. Fortunately some of these record their experiences to give the rest of us a tiny glimpse of what this striking landscape looks like.

Tim Kemple is a 34 year old photographer, filmmaker and co-owner of Camp 4 Collective, a production company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tim is also a lifelong climber, who has travelled around the world. One of his latest adventures included a trip to Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland. Along with a team of professionals, both climbers and staff of SmugMug productions, a photo and videosharing website.

Tim’s page on the SmugMug website tells the story of the climb as well as offering advice on both how to shoot in freezing temperatures. According to his story of the shooting of the video on the SmugMug website the goal was to capture “a creative and authentic adventure in which everyone was taking a step out of their comfort zones and the outcome of the experience would be uncertain.”

Vatnajökull is described as “a frozen kingdom of slick, blue ice complete with jaw-dropping ravines, tortuous caves, echoing chambers, and scary-looking “holes,” technically called moulins, that drop hundreds of feet down to the next level of ice. Maneuvering around a glacier is no mere romp across an ice-skating rink. It involves teetering above one type of precipice or another.”

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