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Bollywood star borrows a local man’s motorcycle to shoot scenes on the black sands in South Iceland

By Magnús Sveinn Helgason

  • Sólheimasandur goes Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan doing a handstand on Sólheimasandur during the shooting of his latest movie. Photo by Avinash Gowariker, from the Twitter-feed of Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan, the “king of Bollywood” is currently in Southern Iceland, shooting his next movie which is called Dilwale. Among the locations Khan has visited during the shooting of the film here in Iceland are the black sands of Southern Iceland.

Sólheimasandur goes Bollywood
Over the weekend Khan has been filming on the black volcanic sands in Southern Iceland by the village of Vík. One of the locations used was the wreck of the US Navy Douglas Dakota DC 3, which crashed in 1973. The wreck is a favourite attraction among tourists.

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Natarajan Ramji, with the production company Proice has worked on four Indian movie projects in Iceland told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service that the Khan was shooting a video for one of the top songs of the film.

Planes, Sand and Motorcycles
Khan did not only borrow Sólheimasandur and the Douglas Dakota as backdrops for his movie, he also borrowed a motorcycle from a local man, Krystian Sikora who lives in the Reykjavík suburb of Kópavogur.


The Kawasaki Krystian poses on his bike with his son. Shah Rukh Khan races on the bike in his next movie. Photo from Krystian's Facebook page.

Krystian told the local news site that Khan’s team needed a Kawasaki bike in a specific colour, hot orange, and that since he owns the only operational Kawasaki in this colour in Iceland, the team contacted him. “They wanted this colour, and I suspect it is because the main female character is wearing a dress in this colour. Besides, it is a great colour which contrasts the black sands.”

Khan? Just a regular guy, but very cool

Krystian received the phone call early Thursday morning, and drove Vík immediately to meet Khan and his team by noon. Krystian spent four hours on location while Khan tried out the bike and shot the scenes in question. “Things seem to happen fast in Bollywood” Krystian told

“He was just really cool” he said of the actor. “I had no idea who this was, but If I had seen him in the street I would just have assumed this was a regular guy. He and the director were clearly the coolest guys in the team, but they didn’t have a superstar attitude or anything like that.”

Krystian told Rukh Khan was impressed with the bike. “He practiced a bit, but its obvious he knows how to ride a motorcycle.”

The music in the scene? Bizarre but fun
Krystian told Visir it was great fun to watch Khan and his team at work. “They were recording a music scene and the song was nothing like what you are used to, to us its composed of bizarre sounds. But it was just fun, it was fun to get to watch this production and see all those stars.”

Khan picked up some Icelandic
Khan arrived in Iceland last Monday. According to his Twitter feed he has enjoyed his stay in Iceland, picking up both Icelandic words and concepts. Khan’s guide taught him how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull: “A ya fiat la Yurkuth”. Which does indeed get you within striking distance of the correct pronunciation. We at Iceland Magazine still believe David Letterman’s suggestion of pouncing the word by saying “Hey, Ya Forgot Your Yogurt” really fast is still the best one out there, even if it comes out as something which sounds less like Eyjafjallajökull than Khan's trick.

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