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Best of Westfjords July 11-18

By Matt Eliason

  • Hólmavík village The most populated area of the Strandir region with around 400 people. Strandir was for centuries one of the most remote areas of  Iceland. Photo/Sara McMahon

This is the Westfjord section of Best of Iceland This Week, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


The magnificent Látrabjarg Cliff
For all those not scared of heights, come visit the stunning views of Látrabjarg Cliff in Vesturbyggð town. Located at the westernmost point of Iceland and standing 441 meters high, you will be exposed to a series of unbelievable views and interesting wildlife. It is no surprise that Látrabjarg is the most visited spot for tourists in all of the Westfjords and is easily accessible by motor vehicle. Plan your trip to Látrabjarg Cliff today, so you don‘t miss out on your chance to see a Puffin!

BI/Bolungarvik Football Match against Þróttur Reykjavik
Come out and support the local football team in Ísafjörður at Torfnesvöllur stadium as they take on Þróttur Football Club from Reykjavik at 9pm on July 11th. It will be an exciting match as the Icelandic first-division clubs fight for 3 points in the tightly contested league standings. Enjoy the action on the field as well as the beautiful scenery of the Westfjords, where mountains and rivers stretch as far as the eye can see. 

Blanda River in Strandir
Blanda river runs on the southwest side of the glacier Höfsjökull and flows into the Húnaflói bay at Blönduós. If you are a fan of fishing, Blanda is the perfect spot for you. The river is one of the main salmon rivers in Iceland and in recent history has yielded a catch of almost 3000 salmon in one summer. Before the river was dammed in 1990, the salmon spawning grounds reached the foot of the glaciers. Amazing scenery and great fishing sums up a trip to Strandir and the Blanda River.

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