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Best of Westfjords Iceland July 25 – August 1

By Staff

  • Dynjandi waterfall in Westfjords. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

This is the Westfjords Iceland section of Best of Iceland This Week, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


A dip in the hot tubs
Should you find yourself in the tiny town of Drangsnes, situated on the northern part of the Westfjords, be sure to bring your swimsuit. On the sea front you’ll find three hot tubs that are open to public and free of charge.
Those in need of peace and quiet arrive around midnight and enjoy the midnight sun or Northern Lights. Others bring their children during the day.

Local history
The Westfjord Heritage Museum is located in Ísafjörður. The museum focuses mainly on the town’s fishing heritage. Inside you’ll find all kinds of old fishing equipment, everything from tiny fish hooks to a whole ship. For music lovers, ther is also a big accordion collection on display.
Open Mon – Fri: 10 am until 6 pm.
Sat – Sun: 10 am until 7 pm

Booming waterfall
Dynjandi waterfall, which translates to Booming Waterfall, is simply amazing. The waterfall is in fact a set of waterfalls with accumulative height of 100 metres (330 feet). It is possible to walk behind one of the smaller waterfalls, located further down the river.
There is a camping ground nearby for those who wish to wake to the murmur of the waterfall.

Home-made museum
The Kört Museum is located next to the farm Arnes in Trékyllisvík in Strandir. The museum exhibits old artifacts as well as puppets, bowls, vases and candlesticks made by local residence from driftwood found in the area.



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