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Best of Westfjords August 1-8

By Staff

  • Mýrarbolti or Mud-Football In the town of Ísafjörður the first weekend of August (Verslunarmannahelgi bank holiday weekend). Photos courtesy of

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Get dirty!
Mud-Football is a weekend-long event in Ísafjörður town in the Westfjords of Iceland. It is a 6-a-side football match, but played in a quicksand of mud. Teams are generally made up of groups of friends, many of whom who have put serious effort into creating team uniforms to show up in. But if you’re without a team, it’s no problem! You can either just be a less-muddy spectator, or send a quick email to the organizers and ask to join a catch-all team, as they call it, “a collection of oddballs both from Iceland and around the world”. In addition to the football there are numerous concerts and live music acts during the weekend.

Old fashioned breakfast
“Gamla bakaríið, or the Old bakery, is a local treasure. There you can sit down and enjoy your baked goods while enjoying the view over the town´s square.”
Recommended by Thelma Hjaltadóttir, receptionist at the district commissioner´s office in Ísafjörður, 

A dip in the hot tubs
Should you find yourself in the tiny town of Drangsnes, situated on the northern part of the Westfjords, be sure to bring your swimsuit. On the sea front you’ll find three hot tubs that are open to public and free of charge.
Those in need of peace and quiet arrive around midnight and enjoy the midnight sun or Northern Lights. Others bring their children during the day.

Birds galore
Látrabjarg cliffs are home to many species of birds and a popular pit stop among bird watchers. This westernmost part of Iceland is 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) long and up to 441 metres (1447 feet) high and boasts of a breath-taking panoramic view over the North Atlantic. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and keep a safe distance from the edge of the cliffs.

Ride around the Westfjords
Ögur Travel offer everything from one-hour horseback riding trios up to twelve-day tours. The tour operator is located in Önundafjörður fjord, on the farm Kot. During the trip, your guide will tell stories of local heroes and outlaws as well as other local legends.


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