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Best of Reykjanes Peninsula June 20-27

By Staff

  • DJ Margeir will be hosting a party at the Blue Lagoon on June 24.

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DJ Margeir Blue Lagoon Party
Icelandic DJ Margeir has released 2 albums inspired by the Blue Lagoon, one of which reached gold album status. This coming Tuesday he is releasing his third album, this time with a worldwide release kicking off with a part at the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon Soundtrack 3 is, similar to the first two albums in the sense that the music that DJ Margeir comes from many different directions but is all representative of the energy and atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon. Tickets to the event can be bought at midi.iswith or without a bus to and from the concert.

Jónsmessuganga - The Midnight Sun Walk
Every year the town of Grindavik and the Blue lagoon host a midnight sun walk. It starts in Grindavik before heading to Thorbjorn mountain. Once on top of the mountain, one can sit by the bonfire and relax after the hike. After a refreshing stop on the mountain the group walks down the mountain to the Blue lagoon where at which point all hikers can go for a midnight swim and listen to more live music. 

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