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Best of Reykjanes Peninsula July 4-11

  • Gunnuhver Hot Springs This is Iceland's biggest mud pool. The great geothermal area on the Reykjanes Peninsula is only 30 minutes from the capital by car.

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All Tomorrow’s Parties
All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) comes to Iceland this week. The official festival starts in the old US navy base in Keflavík on Thursday July 10th. Noteable bands for this years festival include Portishead, Interpol, Mogwai, and Slowdive. ATP is an organization based in London that has been promoting festivals and concerts throughout the world for over ten years. It sets itself apart from big festivals by staying intimate, non-corporate and fan-friendly. The line-ups are chosen by significant bands or artists, resulting in unpredictable and exciting events from any (and every) musical genre. And if that's not a good enough reason to attend an ATP Music Festival: It's now in Iceland. For more information about ATP, click here. From July 10th-12th

Gunnuhver Hot Mud Spring Area
Gunnuhver's mud pools that stretch over the southwest part of the Reykjanes Peninsula got their name from a female ghost, that fell into the spring over 400 years ago. Today, the mud pools form steam from the boiling geothermal water, with the largest pool stretching over 20 meters wide across a rim of mud. Located near the Reykjanes lighthouse, not far from the, "Bridge Between Continents," The Gunnuhver Hot Mud Springs offer a great place to enjoy the scenery of Iceland from the safety of a viewing ramp, where you can look down to the spring and hear the bubbling noises of the boiling water.

Sudurnes Science and Learning Center
The science learning center offers visitors a chance to get in touch with their "nerdy" side with multiple exhibitions including a nature gallery as well as a polar exhibit inspired b y French medical doctor Jean-Baptiste Charcot. The center also offers high quality research facilities with clean seawater to conduct experiments about behavioural ecology and fisheries. Visitors have the opportunity to learn from these fascinating discoveries and see first-hand some of Iceland's sea creatures and wildlife. Also, don't forget to stop by the collection of plants and shells in addition to the only stuffed walrus in Iceland. The learning center is open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays, and 1pm to 5pm on weekends.





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