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Best of Reykjanes Peninsula July 25 - August 1

By Staff

This is the Reykjanes Peninsula section of Best of Iceland This Week, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


Great history of Grindavík's seafaring culture
The Saltfisksetrið exhibition provides a great history of Grindavík's seafaring culture, highlighting the town's most prominent profession. The museum attracts tourists and local students alike, as the production of dried salted cod is summarized in an interesting and informative manner. The exhibition opened in 2002 and has slowly grown its collection of pictures details the historical objects of the town. Located under 20 minutes from Keflavik airport, the Saltfish Museum will give you the opportunity to learn about an important part of Icelandic culture.

Step back in time
Stekkjarkot Farm in Reykjanesbær was opened to the public in 1993 by Iceland's president Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, following a year of restorations.Stekkjarkot provides a telling insight into how the cottages of fishermen and small farmers in Iceland used to looke like. This is a classic example of the roughly built turf, stone cottage, once common on the Reykjanes peninsula and other coastal areas of Iceland. The older part of the cottage, with its open hearth, dates back to the 19th century. Admission is free and farm is open 1 PM - 5 PM.

KEF Restaurant
A new chef and an emphasis on contemporary food has turned KEF Restaurant into a hotspot for tourists near the Keflavík area. Jenný Rúnarsdóttir, a renowned Icelandic chef, recently took over the head chef position, and brought with her an exquisite menu, a versatile quality wine list and a fully operational bar serving a wide selection of cocktails. Try Jenný's signature cheese cake, it will put a smile on your face. The restaurant is located in Hotel Keflavík in Reykjanesbær town.

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