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Best of Reykjanes Peninsula July 18 - 25

  • Energy Planet Earth This is an interactive exhibition gives visitors a tour through the universe starting from the Big Bang Theory up until present day. 

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Power Plant Earth Exhibition
Located at the main power house in Reykjanesvirkjun, the Power Plant Exhibition gives visitors a tour through the universe starting from the Big Bang Theory up until present day. One essential feature that contributes to the popularity of the exhibition is the interactive nature of the tour. Visitors can experience various inventions that have changed the lives of humans through the touch screens and displays found in the facility. Furthermore, the theme of energy, and more specifically geothermal energy, is explored for future generations, helping to stimulate the mind and soul during this unique experience. Tours take place Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30 until 16:30.

The Church of Keflavik
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Keflavík, Iceland was built in 1915 and is still standing strong. If you are a fan of architecture and history, the church provides both qualities, as the ancient structure has withstood the test of time. After coming on hard times in the early 2000s, the church has lifted its debt thanks to a number of charitable contributions. The stained glass steel and white wooden exterior only tell part of the story regarding the church's character. Stop by Kirkjuvegi 25, 230 Keflavík in order to see the structure for yourself or visit a service.

Vitinn Restaurant in Sandgerði
Vitinn is a bar and a restaurant which is owned by the local couple Stefán Sigurðsson, the restaurant's chef, and his wife, Brynhildur Kristjánsdóttir. Vitinn is located in the town of Sandgerði, just minutes from Keflavik airport. This beautiful restaurant brings the freshest seafood straight to your plate including Icelandic shark, crab and shellfish dinners. You can also order some of their homemade Ice Cream during a hot summers day. 

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