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Best of Reykjanes Peninsula August 8-15

By Staff

  • Blue Lagoon The Lava Restaurant at the Blue Lagoon is sure to get your mouth watering and provides the perfect meal after taking a dip in the natural springs.

  • Hit the Spot A sample dish from the Blue Lagoon's Lava Restaurant located just outside of Grindavik. Photo courtesy of

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The Lava Restaurant
The LAVA Restaurant at the popular tourist destination, the Blue Lagoon, offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant design is built into the cliff, and features a natural lava wall with pristine views overlooking the neon blue of the lagoon. The chefs take pride in using fresh Icelandic ingredients and the lunch and evening menus range from light dishes to gourmet meals. Try the catch of the day, which is the freshest fish available from the near fishing village Grindavík.

Seal Watching Apartments
If you are a fan of wildlife and are looking to visit Iceland, check out Ocean Front Iceland. These are luxury apartments, located in a beautiful Oceanfront Villa near the Keflavik Airport. The residence is Ideal for four people looking for an exciting Icelandic adventure. The house, and its beautiful surroundings have been used in film-making and is located on a large private property with outstanding ocean and mountain view, and with a private beach. This is where you can spot a seal bathing out in the sun!

Bird watching at Hafnaberg Cliff
For all of you bird enthusiasts out there, Hafnaberg cliff is a low, vertical cliff that is rich with a wide variety of different flora and fauna inhabiting its skies. Other birds that can be spotted at the cliff include  guillemots, kittiwakes, fulmars, razorbills and many others.  Sometimes seals and small whales can also be spotted a short distance off the coast. The cliff is located in a convenient spot and can be easily accessed from the main road.

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