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Best of North Iceland July 18-25

By Staff

  • Hólar in Hjaltadalur valley You can study rural tourism and event management at the local. Photo/GVA

This is the North Iceland section of Best of Iceland This Week, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


Infinity pool in North Iceland
“I recommend taking a drive to the nearby town of Hofsós where you can unwind in their beautiful infinity pool. Should you rather take a dip in a historic site, I recommend Grettislaug.”
Recommended by Hafdís Arnardóttir, who studies rural tourism and event management at Hólar University, North Iceland

Fresh from the cow
Kaffi Kú, which translates directly to Café Cow, is a small café located on the farm Garður, only ten kilometres (6 miles) south of Akureyri. The café was built in the attic of the farm’s ultra, modern cowshed which means guests can view the cows going about their daily business while enjoying a cup of coffee, a pint or a tasty snack. Not to mention of course the beautiful view over EyjafjörðurFjord. 

Go seal watching
Some of Iceland’s best seal watching locations are at the Vatnsnes peninsula in north Iceland.
Closely monitored by the nearby Icelandic Seal Center in the town of Hvammstangi together with local land owners, each area offers visitors a different perspective of the seals. It is not unusual to see large numbers of them lying the rocks and beaches, or playing close to the coast. The distance from Reykjavík to the town of Hvammstangi is 194 km (120 mi) by car.

Enjoy some music
Those interested in electronic music should drop by at Akureyri Backpackers, Hafnarstræti 98, on Saturday at 9pm. The artists performing are Einar Indra, Suminimal, Bistro Boy and Futuregrapher.

Middle ages celebrated
The medieval festival Miðaldadagar take place at Gásir in Eyjafjörður this weekend. Organizers have recreated the old, Icelandic trading centre, Gásir, in order to illustrate the life and culture of Iceland in the 1300’s. Join the party and experience sword battles, medieval food, archers and music dating back to the 1300’s.
Entrance fee for adults is 1.500 krónur, 750 krónur for children 13 years old and younger. Children smaller than a medieval sword enter free of charge. More information found here

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