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Best of Iceland This Week June 6-13

By Staff

  • Svartifoss waterfall, in in Vatnajökull Glacier National Park. See the Southeast Iceland section of Best of Iceland This Week. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Best of Iceland This Week is a guide for those who are curious about what's going on across Iceland and want local recommendations about events, activities and places of interest. This is the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


Whitsun long weekend: Those staying in Iceland over the weekend be sure to take into account shortened opening hours during the Whitsun long weekend. Most stores will be closed on Sunday and have shortened opening hours on Monday. 



Family Yoga in Viðey island
The weather forecast could not be better for this upcoming weekend, so why not take the whole family out to the small island of Viðey, just off the coast of Reykjavík, and do some yoga under the clear skies? If that is your cup of chamomile tea, here is a message from the organizers:
"Join us for a family-friendly fundraiser for the Yogaheart in Iceland, on the 7th of June at 1 PM - 2.30 PM. We will do yoga postures, play games, breathe in the ocean air, and relax to the healing sound of the gong. We recommend bringing a blanket for relaxation, packing warm clothes for the weather and preparing food for a picnic.


West Iceland

Sea-angling in Snæfellsnes
Why not go sea-angling with the family with Nesvargar Hunting in Ólafsvík, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula?  The boat leaves daily from Ólafsvík harbour and the trip lasts roughly two hours. You’ll have an excellent view of the magnificent Snæfellsjökull glacier from the fishing grounds and can examine the bustling bird life in nearby cliffs. 
​For more information and booking visit Nesvargar Hunting.  

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North Iceland

Icelandic Craft Beer Festival
If you like beer the thought of the annual Beer Festival in the small village of Hólar in Hjaltadalur valley will make you dizzy before you have a single sip. Breweries from all over Iceland will give you the chance to sample dozens of craft and specialty beers. The focus will of course be on the drinks menu but from the food menu you can choose betweeen homemade bratwurzt, pulled-pork and bretzels. Contestants will compete in keg rolling and the best stall will receive an award. The festival is from 3 PM to 7 PM on Saturday June 7th. You can buy tickets ad or on location. Admission is 4.500 ISK ($40, EUR 30).

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East Iceland

Test your singin skills in the Tvísöngur sound sculpture
Tvísöngur is a site-specific sound sculpture by German artist Lukas Kühne, located on a mountainside above the town of Seyðisfjörður. It's in a quiet area with a great view of the fjord. It consists of five interconnected concrete domes of different sizes. The heights of the domes are between two and four meters and they cover an area of about 30 square meters. Each dome has its own resonance that corresponds to a tone in the Icelandic musical tradition of five-tone harmony, and works as a natural amplifier to that tone. You can experiment with their acoustic sensation, admission is free.

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Southeast Iceland

Experience Vatnajökull glacier
“If you are not pressed for time, I recommend a drive to Jöklasel mountain hotel, located on Skálafellsjökull glacier, 840 meters (2756 feet) above sea level. At the hotel you can rent a snowmobile and go for a drive on the glacier.”
Recommended by Albert Eymundsson, former mayor of the town Höfn in Hornafjörður.

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South Iceland

Dipping into the natural geothermal pools of Reykjadalur Valley
Reykjadalur Valley is one of the most popular and  beautiful hiking area in and around the town of Hveragerði. Hot springs and colourful areas full of geothermal activity help define the beautiful landscape that is present in this part of Iceland. Located only 30 minutes from iceland's capital, the hiking trails starts in a parking lot just above Hveragerði town and continues around the historic Mt. Hengill. Bring your bathing suit for the hot springs of the valley or feel free to let it all hang out and take a dip in the buff. 

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Reykjanes Peninsula

The Bridge Between Continents
Did you know that Iceland is drifting apart at almost 2 cm per year? Our country is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge; therefore, the location on the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula is the only place in the world where you can see the ridge rise above sea level, signifying the boundary between Europe and North America. At The Bridge Between Continents, you can observe the tectonic plates drifting apart from each other in a worldly experience that allows you to set foot in two different continents. The bridge is located About 7km south of Hafnir by road 425.  ​Extra Note: If you complete the walk over the bridge, you can obtain a certificate that confirms you have completed The Bridge Between Continents. This certificate is available at the tourist information offices in Reykjanes.

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