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Best of East Iceland August 8 - 15

By Staff

  • Out in the Woods Iceland doesn't have many woodlands, but Selskógur Forest in East Iceland provides some breathtaking views. Photo courtesy of

This is the East Iceland section of Best of Iceland This Week, the only Icelandic guide of its kind. New every week.


Selskógur Forest
Iceland is not home to many forests, as less than 2% of the country's terrain is covered by woodlands. However, one spot that is home to some woodlands next to a river is Selskógur Forest. Selskógur forest lies alongside the beautiful Eyvindará river. The forest has great wood chip trails where you can take both shorter or longer, peaceful walks through the forest, go on a picnic, take your evening jog or play with the kids. 

East Iceland Heritage Museum
The museum’s exhibition provides a great history lesson about East Iceland pre-dating the 1900s, when every household had to be self-sufficient with tools, food and clothing. The museum explains the history of hunting, crafts, food production, clothing and various aspects of daily life. Visitors are also invited to enter a 19th century style family room of a farmhouse, which was moved from the countryside and rebuilt in the museum. There are also various objects on display in connection to the 20th century urban development in the eastern region, i.e. from the history of health care, industry, trading, forestry, transport, schools and entertainment. The special pride of the museum is an archeological treasure, a brooch from the Viking period, found few years ago in the ground on a farm in East Iceland. 

Ekkjufell golf course
There is only one golf course that can be found in Egilsstaðir and it is run by the local golf club. The course is a par 70 with one par-5 lane, one par-6 lane, one par-4 lane and two par-3 lanes. The course offers amazing views of interesting lava rock formations, and is family friendly. For more information or to set up your tee time you can call the following number - 354 894 0604.

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