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Beer in Reykjavik not that expensive: cheaper than the other Nordic capitals

By Staff

  • CHEAPER THAN IN REST OF SCANDINAVIA Beer at bars in Reykjavík is significantly more affordable than in the other Nordic capitals. Photo/visir

Reykjavík is known for a lot of things, but low prices and cheap beer is not among them. However, according to the “beer-index” of the travel website beer in Reykjavík is pretty affordable. Out of 75 major cities Reykjavík comes out in 39th place for the most affordable beer, well ahead of the other Nordic Capitals.

The GoEuro beer index is calculated from the average price of a small (33 cl) beer bottle at the supermarket (or the state liquor store in the case of Iceland) and the average price of a small (33 cl) draught beer at a bar. The prices were calculated based on the most popular local and worldwide brands, rather than microbrews or other more expensive brews.

Half as expensive as Helsinki
According to the index the average price of a beer in Reykjavík is 3.24 USD, compared to 4.21 USD in Copenhagen, 4.91 in Helsinki and 5.31 in Oslo. Other cities with more expensive beer include London, Paris, New York and Rome.

The differences are all the more striking when the price of beer at supermarket or the State Alcohol Store are omitted, and we only look at the prices of beer at bars. The average price of a small beer at the bar in Reykjavík is 4.95 USD, 40% less than in Helsinki, which is the most expensive of the Nordic cities, when it comes to beer, at least.

Look for the Happy Hour, check the selection
Beer-thirsty visitors in Reykjavík should keep in mind that most bars have happy hours in the afternoon/early evening. A quick, and very unscientific study by the staff of Iceland Mag showed that happy hour prices range from 550-750 ISK (4.16-5.70 USD /3.75-5.11 EUR) for a large (half a litre) draught beer. The selection of brews on happy hour varies, however. Most bars only offer happy hours on the popular brands, while the craft bars even have happy hours on local microbrews.

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