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BBC Earth came to Iceland in search of elves and trolls

By Staff

  • Hvítserkur, North Iceland Hvítserkur was a troll that turned to stone when the sun dawned upon him. Photo/Vilhelm 

BBC Earth's Melissa Hogenboom travelled to Iceland to search for trolls and elves – and found them.

Among the places Melissa visits is Álfhóll (Elf Hill) in the suburb of Kópavogur, which, according to Terry Gunnell, a professor in folkloristics at the National University, is considered an elf settlement.

Years back, equipment continually broke down when workers were laying the road through Álfhóll. Eventually, a decision was made to build the road around the hill rather than through it.

Melissa also meets Bjarni Harðarson from Selfoss, who’s an expert in local folklore and trolls.

The segment can be viewed on BCC Earth’s homepage - we recommend you watch the lovely video.   

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