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Are there midges in Iceland?

  • Lake Mývatn in North Iceland is known for large swarms of midges. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

I have heard there are a lot of midges in Iceland at this time of year, is that correct?


Answer: There are two types of midges found in Iceland: rykmý, known in English as chironomids or non-biting midges, and bitmý (simulium vittatum), which breed in rivers and are known to bite both humans and animals.
Travelers can escape the midges by avoiding rivers and lakes. However, there are so many beautiful rivers and lakes in Iceland that we’d rather recommend you just bring a head net and some repellent along on your travels.

Below is a video of a swarm of midges on Lake Mývatn. 

Mý á Mývatni - Midges on lake Mývatn, by Halldóra Kristín Bjarnadóttir


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