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Anti-whaling campaigners outraged by seasonal beer containing whale testicles

By Staff

  • Controversial Anti-whaling campaigners have criticised the sale of Hvalur 2, branded it outrageous. Photo/Steðji

Anti-whaling campaigners have criticised the sale of Hvalur 2, a seasonal beer containing smoked whale testicles. The beer, made by Icelandic micro-brewery Steðji, is produced in limited quantities for the old, Icelandic mid-winter festival Þorrablót, and not made for export.

According to USA Today the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society brands the product “outrageous” and hope that people “will treat this latest offering with the disdain it deserves”.

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The brewery’s owner, Dagbjartur Arelíusson, however, told The Telegraph he believes that Hvalur 2 is the perfect mid-winter festival brew, seeing as the drink will accompany traditional, Icelandic delicacies such as pickled ram’s testicles, fermented shark and pickled whale blubber.

“We think this product will suit this festival really well," Dagbjartur told the Telegraph.

This is the second time Steðji produces a seasonal beer containing whale products. Last year’s product was pulled from stores as whale hunting company Hvalur hf. did not have authority to sell whale meal to Steðji.

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