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A new Christmas tree picked and cut to replace the one destroyed by Monday's storm

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  • The new Christmas tree The replacement for the destroyed Oslo tree will be replaced by a new tree which had already picked out by the mayor of Reykjavík and the deputy mayor of Oslo last month. Photo/City of Reykjavík.

Yesterday the Mayor of Reykjavík, Dagur B. Eggertsson, cut down a Christmas tree in the Heiðmörk forest east of Reykjavík, the local news site reports The  new tree is a tall beautiful Sitka spruce.  

Christmas tree

Tall and full 60 year old Sitka spruce from Heiðmörk forest, east of Reykjavík. Photo/City of Reykjavík

The tree is 11.5 metres tall (37 ft 9 in) and estimated to be about 60 years old.

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The new Christmas tree which will replace the Oslo tree had actually already been picked out to be next year’s Christmas tree during a visit by Dagur and the deputy mayor of Oslo, Khamshajiny Gunatratnam past November.

The tree which was cut down by Dagur yesterday morning will be erected on Austurvöllur square today. You can watch the decoration live via this webcam.

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