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A huge sequin swan part of this year’s Gay Pride Parade

  • A huge swan was the last float in this year's Gay Pride parade. Photo/Vilhem Gunnarsson

  • People had climbed up on roofs to view the parade. Photo/Sara

  • The parade is a true family affair. Photo/Vilhelm 

  • Members of the Icelandic Scout Movement showed support. Photo/Vilhelm 

  • Dagur B. Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavík, took part in the parade along with other members of the City Counsil. Photo/Vilhelm

The 16th annual Gay Pride parade took place on Saturday with over 90 thousand people in attendance. The parade started by the BSÍ Bus Terminal and made its way along Sóleyjargata, passed the pond and ended by Arnarhóll hill where a huge crowd enjoyed the annual Gay Pride concert.

Around thirty floats were part of this year’s parade, the last one being without a doubt the most magnificent: A white sequin swan the size of a house. 

The swan was the size of a house. Photo/Sara


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