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A hot-dog stand on Langjökull glacier, unifies two of the greatest things about Iceland: hot-dogs and glaciers!

By Magnús Sveinn Helgason

  • Forget that Ice Cave! Local tour operator Vilhjálmur Hjörleifsson shared this photo of the frozen Langjökull hot dog stand on Facebook. A hot dog is the right meal for any occasion, but there are probably few occasions more appropriate than when you are on top of a glacier. Photo/Vilhjálmur Hjörleifsson - Facebook.

Any local will tell you that a visit to Iceland is not really complete if you fail to taste a traditional Icelandic hot-dog. And many foreign travellers feel that a visit to Iceland is not complete unless they get to visit a glacier. Finally, these two things can be crossed off your list in one strike, as Mountaineers of Iceland has set up a traditional Icelandic hot dog stand on Langjökull glacier.

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The stand was opened on Saturday January 16, at the base camp of Mountaineers of Iceland at Geldingafell mountain, on the west side of Langjökull glacier. Vigdís Ingibjörg Pálsdóttir with Mountaineers of Iceland tells Iceland Magazine that the hot-dog stand has been wildly successful:

“We view this as a fun addition to the service we are currently offering our customers. The stand has gotten a great reception, and both groups and individuals who visit us are very hapy to get the chance to taste real Icelandic fast food on an Icelandic glacier. Makes the whole experience even more unique."

Hot dog stand, Langjökull

No Michelin stars But the Langjökull hot-dog stand makes up for that with a location which beats most fancier eateries. Photo/Mountaineers of Iceland.

The hot-dog stand currently stands by base camp, but Vigdís tells us it is built on a sledge, so it can be hauled around as the weather permits, or requires. The stand can easily be relocated to the top of the glacier, if need be. But even if pretty much everything about this hot-dog stand is rather unusual the menu is not: Just basic Icelandic hot-dogs.

"We simply offer hot-dogs and soft drinks, a combo is 1000 ISK (7.7 USD/7 EUR). People can choose any of the standard condiments, or choose a hot-dog from the menu, which includes menu items like the Clinton and Clooney. The Clooney is named after one of our employees, who is very handsome and keeps being told he is a spitting image of George Clooney. The Clooney has raw onion and extra sweet hot-dog mustard.”

The Clinton, of course, is a hot dog with only mustard, extra mustard. When Bill Clinton visited Iceland in 2003 he visited the down-town hot-dog stand Bæjarins Bestu in Reykjavík, ordering a hot-dog with only mustard. According to Clinton it was the best hot-dog he had tasted.

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Unfortunately the hot-dog stand is not accessible to the general public. During the winter the base camp of Mountaineers of Iceland, or Langjökull glacier, can only be reached by mountain trucks and specially equipped 4x4s. But Vigdís tells us that during the summer the stand will be open to the general public: “The Icelandic hot-dog is of course the best in the world, so we are doing our bit in promoting Icelandic culinary traditions.”

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