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The 8th installment of Fast and Furious to be filmed in fishing town Akranes in West Iceland

By Staff

  • The old cement plant in Akranes In 2017 moviegoers might get to see Vin Diesel race down the Akranes docks. Photo/ Pictures.

The latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise will be filmed in Akranes town in West Iceland, the local news site reports. According to the mayor of Akranes has confirmed that a part of the movie will be filmed in the town this spring.

News of the plans were first leaked during a Þorrablót midwinters-feast in the town last weekend. Initially people assumed the announcement was only a part of the night’s entertainment, a hoax or a joke, but the mayor confirmed that the town council had been working with the producers of the film.

“I expect filming to begin in April” Regína Ásvaldsdóttir told “This is a major project which will be a great boon to the local economy,” she adds. Regina tells that the scenes which will be filmed in Akranes will primarily take place in the harbour area. A large abandoned cement plant by the harbour is expected to play a major role.

According to the local news site Skessuhorn the film crews will bring at least 80 cars to Akranes. Preparation for the movie shoot will begin in March, with actual shooting beginning on April 4.

Akranes town will not be the only Icelandic location featured in the film. reports that scenes for Fast 8 will be shot in at least two other unidentified locations in Iceland. The film crews are also rumored to be preparing “the largest explosion ever to take place in Iceland.”

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